4 hair colors

 We have spoken with Gabriel Llano, the hairdresser of celebrities inclusive of Juana Costa, Ana Fernández or Andrea Duro and he has found out to us what hair hues are people who have the presence of sweetening your functions and taking a few years off you.

What hair colorings are people who have the capability to soften the capabilities? Giving mild to the face via shade is one of the techniques maximum demanded by women around the world and, similarly to being a trend, it's far a totally easy manner to take some years off ourselves.

We have spoken with the stylist Gabriel Llano, the hairdresser of celebrities along with Aura Garrido or Juana Acosta, and this is what he has informed us. "One of the maximum critical matters to attain this impact is to accompany highlights, babylights , gradients or maybe traditional highlights, with contouring.  That is, playing with the tones of the strands closest to the contour of the face " , says the expert.

"Sarah Jessica Parker was always a pioneer on this, the Americans have used the contouring method for a long time . I even have lately achieved it to Juana Acosta, Ana Fernández or Andrea Duro. It is a coloring technique that offers a variety of play for him. Daily and it works very well, "he concludes.

These are  the 4 hair shades (and a coloring method) as a way to help melt your features and, therefore, make you appearance greater rejuvenated.

1.Light golden blonde. On a blonde base, you may upload highlights multiple shades lighter.

2.Golden blond. In brown-toned bases, the first-rate way to soften the features are golden blonde highlights.

3.Chestnut and honey. If the base is light brown, then we can choose honey-toned highlights.

4.Brown and caramel. For darker hair, it's far higher to select highlights in caramel color.

5.Contrast of tones. Although an appropriate is to lighten best  tones above the bottom, they can also be performed with a extra assessment, which additionally softens the functions.

Keep analyzing because we tell you everything you need to realize approximately each hair tone.

Light golden blonde

"To supply mild, you can play with any base colour, I usually say that for the contours of the face I like to move  tones above the rest of the hair, because that manner we get it to be lots greater natural, " advises Gabriel Llano.

Thus, for example, on light hair, a light golden blonde, as in the case of Andrea Duro, could be best to acquire that softer effect. It is always carried out at the contours of the face and in a very subtle way so that cuts aren't observed.

Golden blond

When we find a base of darkish blonde or light brown, we will opt for some highlights in a golden blonde, however "it's far very essential that whoever does this coloring work at the contour of the face is a very cautious man or woman, very special, because it must be a very subtle end. To do that, you need to make an nearly imperceptible gradient, so  you'll no longer see in which the wick begins or wherein it ends ", Gabriel recommends.

Chestnut and honey-toned highlights

Brown hair can also take gain of contouring with highlights in honey and amber tones, whether they may be balayage or babylights, because "they may assist to brighten the face and give it that light able to softening the capabilities," says the stylist.

Brown and caramel highlights

Although the work is complicated, the end result is worth it, as Gabriel explains. Here, for instance, we've got selected to decrease the highlights so they begin almost at the level of the chin. They have a subtle caramel tone that is very natural, however that softens the contours of the face and brings a variety of light.

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