How to do a French manicure step by step

 We give you the keys to get your French nail cutting carried out just like the experts (and the satisfactory merchandise to get a ten result) technologyify.

Although the maximum lovely (and rejuvenating) nail filing of the summer time is Paula Echevarría , no one can deny that the French nail clipping is a undying conventional that by no means is going out of style, and that also stylizes the arms, rejuvenates and elongates visits to the beauty salon. . Today we want to inform you how to do it at home grade by grade and get a ten end result without dying trying. Read on and take notice worldbeautytips


Carlota Martínez, supervisor of Deborah Lippmann in Spain, gives us the keys to gain a French manicure at home with a expert end result . Regardless of whether or not you are going to opt for everyday nail polish or semi-permanent nail filing, following this order will facilitate obtaining a greater herbal and professional end result technologyford:

1.Prepare the nail . To attain an top-quality result, it is advisable to reduce, file and form the nail, in addition to disposing of the cuticle. You can leave them rectangular, round, peaked ... Some thing you want!

2.Apply the bottom polish . Being a simple layout, the layer of this teeth, which is mostly a smooth red or nude tone, is thin and nearly imperceptible. For the result to be ideal, it is really helpful to apply  coats and allow the nail dry absolutely so one can preserve (leave a 2 minute margin between coats).

Three.Third , you may have to paint the white border that characterizes the French nail filing. Ideally, you need to have adhesives that permit you to cover the entire nail, leaving out the vicinity you need to paintings on. For a conventional French manicure, you'll want to apply a herbal white nail polish. And if you dare to do it freehand, get a finite brush that permits you to work with precision techiesin.

4.Finally , so as for the end result to be long-lasting and ideal, it is fine to apply a skinny layer of transparent enamel or 'pinnacle coat'. This way you'll be able to repair the colour for longer and provide the nail a touch more thickness and shine.

The French nail filing is one of the maximum infallible that exists and we like it because it is easy, discreet, stylish and combines with sincerely the whole lot. But in latest years the French nail filing has been reinvented and is now in color . We love this variety that goes from pastel tones to more placing ones like yellow. technologyies

You can put on one nail of every shade to get  a skittles French nail clipping , choose the patterned French nail filing, for vibrant colorings or for black, that is continually a positive hit.

Mavala French Manicure Kit

This Mavala kit contains everything you want to achieve a ten French manicure: the "White 49" and "Reno 91" enamels, the "Minute Quick-Finish" teeth for short drying and an incomparable shine that you can follow each as a protective base as to finish and seal. And in addition, it comes with guides to outline the surface.

Rimmel London Super Gel

If you're seeking out a nail polish with a gel effect end (but with out the want to use it the usage of a UV light lamp), we propose this one from Rimmel London. Tone 12 is a great nude for French manicure and with 2 layers of color you will acquire a lovely result.

Rimmel London Super Gel

For the white detail , the first-class coloration is 090 from the same range. You need to realize that even though they may be gel impact, they could only be removed with a nail polish remover with acetone.

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